Hoteliers helping hoteliers to implement eco-friendly, profit-enhancing solutions.



Boost NOI by unlocking expense savings from reduced waste and conscious consumption, as well as by attracting new business.


Create positive environmental impact via use of renewables, thoughtful procurement practices, and operational efficiencies.




Diversify suppliers and operational tactics to limit risk, improve staff retention, reduce fixed costs, and support local climate resilience. 


Demonstrate commitment to innovation and best practices for guests, property staff, and industry peers.

Enhancing environmental sustainability, pursuing equitable economic and social development, and mitigating and adapting to climate change, are highly visible, global challenges.


The hotel industry, a highly visible, global industry, has a role to play in shaping solutions.

Hotels are logical and necessary targets for sustainability in the built environment.  Operational intensity, 24-hour demand, and limited control of guests' individual resource consumption have led hotels to become the commercial real estate sector with largest carbon footprint (on the basis of both asset value and floor area).  Eco-conscious initiatives and prudent resource use have been at the bottom of the lodging industry's priority list for too long, and the data agree - the industry has enormous untapped potential to improve both its profitability and its positive environmental impact.


Ecolodgical sees hotels' unique operational complexity as an opportunity.  Hotels are inherently interdisciplinary arenas for sustainability innovation.  We want to harness this opportunity to accomplish three goals:

  1.  Bridge the gap between theoretical sustainability goals and real, industry-specific implementation

  2.  Eliminate the uncertainty that causes perceived tradeoffs between a hotel’s eco-friendliness and its financial success

  3.  Accelerate the adoption of already-existing sustainable best practices in hospitality operations.



We put leading operational strategies for maximizing environmental sustainability to the test.  We challenge existing assumptions and seek new and improved solutions for hotels.  We dive into the data and the details to extract insights.


We focus on tangible, on-property, eco-conscious actions that enhance profitability.  We recognize the unique complexity of hotels within the built environment and approach sustainable hospitality from multiple angles.  We build solutions that work for owners, operators, guests, and locals and design them to last.


We investigate, collect, and share best practices from around the world that unlock commingled financial and environmental benefits for the lodging industry.  We speak the language of hotel owners and operators which allows us to filter and translate information accordingly.  We aim to serve as a repository for the most impactful operational innovations, case studies, resources, toolkits, news, and research.

Community Activists

We tackle global challenges through local action.  We direct our energy using global frameworks, including the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, while staying locally engaged and informed to support climate change adaptation and community resilience.  We help our neighbors today while working toward a more sustainable tomorrow.